Reverend Dr. Darren M. Morton - Pastor
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where everybody is somebody and christ is all



Most of us know that we should serve God.  We know that God not only desires, but commands us to serve (Galatians 5:13). To discover “where you fit best in serving God,” it is important for you to look at your God-given spiritual gifts, your personality, experiences, and your leadership style.  Combined they create the passion that drives you.  Without passion you lack the motivation necessary to succeed in life.  While we want to serve and know we should serve, it has been difficult to find the places where we are able to make our unique contributions.   Macedonia supports   several ministries  for you to   fulfill some specific ministry needs. So, identify your gifts,  join a ministry and submit yourself to honestly pursue God’s purpose for your life in order to be fruitful and fulfilled as you glorify   God and  edify others.   Below you will find a list of all the ministries Macedonia supports .  We hope it will :

  • communicate vital information about ministry activates
  • encourage participation in these ministries
  • enable the extended church family to know us better

build openness and transparency among us and within our neighborhood.  So please —find your place and serve God where you fit best.  You will find that :

Your Walk motivates you for ministry

Your Spiritual gifts enable you for ministry

Your passion give focus to ministry

Your personality expresses itself in ministry

Your experiences help develop you for ministry


Where Everybody is Somebody and Christ is All