M.A.C. Nation Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Mac Nation Youth and Young Adult Ministry exists to bring young people and young adults to Jesus and membership in his family by connecting them with other Christians, developing them to grow in the faith to Christ-like  maturity, equipping them to discover their ministry in the church and global mission in order to honor God with their lives and magnify God’s name!
The breakdown of the purpose statement as it relates to the 5 New Testament purposes, Great Commandment and Great Commission: Great Commandment(Matt. 22:37-40) and Great Commission(Matt. 28:19-20)

1) REACH- make disciples, evangelism, mission, communicate God’s word.
2) CONNECT-membership, baptizing them, fellowship, incorporate God’s people
3) DEVELOP- maturity, grow, teaching to obey, discipleship, educate God’s family
4) EQUIP- ministry, discover, love neighbor, demonstrate God’s love
5) HONOR- magnify, love God, worship, celebrate God’s presence in worship