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Most of us know that we should serve God.  We know that God not only desires, but commands us to serve (Galatians 5:13). To discover “where you fit best in serving God,” it is important for you to look at your God-given spiritual gifts, your personality, experiences, and your leadership style.  

Combined they create the passion that drives you.  Without passion you lack the motivation necessary to succeed in life.  While we want to serve and know we should serve, it has been difficult to find the places where we are able to make our unique contributions.   Macedonia supports   several ministries  for you to fulfill some specific ministry needs. So, identify your gifts,  join a ministry and submit yourself to honestly pursue God’s purpose for your life in order to be fruitful and fulfilled as you glorify   God and  edify others.   Below you will find a list of all the ministries Macedonia supports.  

We hope it will :
  • Communicate vital information about ministry activities
  • Encourage participation in these ministries
  • Enable the extended church family to know us better
  • Build openness and transparency among us and within our neighborhood      
You will find that :
  • Your Walk motivates you for ministry
  • Your Spiritual gifts enable you for ministry
  • Your passion give focus to ministry
  • Your personality expresses itself in ministry

So please, find your place and serve
God where you fit best.


President Deacon Veronica Harding


The Courtesy Ministry is vitally important in that it provides our guests with a first impression of our congregation.  Here, the duties include welcoming guests to our church and providing them with information about our Sunday morning services.  It is the goal of the Courtesy ministry to help individuals feel at ease while they are with us. For more information, you may contact President Deborah Henry at 646-391-7611


President Ms. Margie Bagby


President Deacon Sonya McClendon


In keeping with our Christian heritage and tradition of Service, the vision of Deaconess Ministry is to advance the health and well-being of our community, with a compassionate and caring spirit.

The mission of the Deaconess Ministry is to assist the Pastor by working with the Deacons in ministering to the needs of the overall congregation - specifically to women, children, elderly, and those in distress with loving kindness and sympathy.

President - Deaconess Marie Hariston
Vice President - Deaconess Fay Dunham


Celebrating & Praising Christ through Dance:
Adult Dance Ministry:
  • Tuesdays | 7:30pm – 8:30 pm – Choreography
  • Saturdays | 9:00am – 11:00am – Choreography
Youth Dance Ministry:
  • Saturdays | 11:00am to 12:30 pm
Please contact Church office for more information
President Monique 


Mac Nation Youth and Young Adult Ministry exists to bring young people and young adults to Jesus and membership in his family by connecting them with other Christians, developing them to grow in the faith to Christ-like  maturity, equipping them to discover their ministry in the church and global mission in order to honor God with their lives and magnify God’s name!

The breakdown of the purpose statement as it relates to the 5 New Testament purposes, Great Commandment and Great Commission:
Great Commandment(Matt. 22:37-40) and Great Commission(Matt. 28:19-20)
1) REACH - make disciples, evangelism, mission, communicate God’s word.
2) CONNECT - membership, baptizing them, fellowship, incorporate God’s people
3) DEVELOP - maturity, grow, teaching to obey, discipleship, educate God’s family
4) EQUIP - ministry, discover, love neighbor, demonstrate God’s love
5) HONOR - magnify, love God, worship, celebrate God’s presence in worship

President Min. Norman Martin


President Min. Hugh Washington


The Missional Ministry of Macedonia Baptist Church  is a unified body of believers, intent on being God’s missionary presence to the indigenous community that surrounds them, recognizing that God is already at work and taking seriously the fact that they have been sent by the risen Christ to be the agents of God’s pre-existing mission. We enthusiastically engage with individuals in the community and encourage them to develop and strengthen their relationship with God and God’s church. Our objectives is to holistically edified God’s people this includes but is not limited to food drives, clothing giveaways, visiting the sick and shut in and providing avenues and resources to help God’s people thrive. For more information on this ministry, you may contact Terri-Jo Brooks at tbrooks@macedoniabapt.org or 914-667-2333
  • Ongoing Missionary Activities
  • Clothing Drives and Giveaway
  • Food Drives and Giveaway
  • Showers of Hope (partnership with Hope Community Services)
  • Toy Drive and Giveaway (partnership with youth ministry)
  • Prayer on the Go in the community
  • School Supplies (partnership with Youth Ministry)


The Music Ministry provides music for church services and special occasions. There are four choirs: Voices of Praise; Ensemble; Youth Choir and Mass Choir.  The musical director organizes practices and musical arrangements for these services.  For more information you may contact Bro. Tralane Haynes – Minister of Music or Rosalyn Hylton at 914-668-4880
  • Youth Choir 
  • Voices of Praise
  • Macedonia Ensemble


The Nurse Ministry We are volunteers in the army of the lord. We consist of individuals medically trained as well as lay members who have come together for the betterment of Macedonia Baptist Church. Our ministry of nurses saw a need, that not only was able to enhance the church. But also fulfilled a calling on their life to be a help to others. Matthew 5: 6. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled." Our purpose is to provide a caring presence, a listening ear and spiritual support to the congregation.  In addition, we also act as an auxiliary to the Pastor in various capacities during regular and special services.  We are motivated by a call to service.  For more information on this ministry, you may contact Kathie Brewington at 914-433-8030 new email: kathiebrew@gmail.com


President Min. Barbara Howell


The Usher Ministry most often takes place on Sunday morning.  This includes activities such as helping people find a seat in the sanctuary, taking up of the offering , and handing out information sheets.  Along with the Courtesy Ministry, this ministry often provides first time guests with an initial impression about the church.   For more information on this ministry, you may contact President Aldora Dunham at 914-654-5144 


The Silver and Gold Ministry honors the wisdom of parish seniors and recognizes the integrity of older adults and their contributions to the church and community.  This ministry seeks to serve in response to God’s love in Christ Jesus, acting as a bridge to the congregation in advocating dignity and providing  on going support for the welfare of our senior parishioners.  For more information on this ministry, you may  contact, Acting President Marleen Dandrige at 914-484-3955


The Daughters of David focuses on facilitating opportunities for women to build relationships and develop spiritually.  Their purpose is that every woman knows Christ personally and is committed to extending His Kingdom in her life, home, church, community and throughout the world. Women’s Ministry  may provide special events and weekend retreats geared towards rest and spiritual rejuvenation. All women are invited to participate in this Ministry.  Meetings are held every 1st Saturday of each month at 9:30.  For details, President Ruthie McPherson  (917) 751-0339 


Castle Taylor Scholarship Committee was started in 1959. The name was given In Honor of Deacon Castle Taylor. Deaconess Francis Wynn served as the First President for one and a half years followed by Deaconess Madeline Samuel who served as President for over 40 years. Other past members were Deacon Alfred Samuel, Sister Ola Reed, Trustee Henry Lynch, Sister Alberta Small, Sister Evelyn Jones, Brother James Butt, Sister Brenda Baker, Deacon Gerry Coleman, Sister Gertrude Alston, Sister Louise Zollicoffer and Minister Barbara Howell.

In 1994 The sister of Deacon Castle Taylor, Ms. Carolyn Taylor bequeathed $25,892.16 in honor of her brother and throughout the years, Fund raising efforts by the committee allows us to maintain this amount and in most cases surpass $28,000.00. We urge all members to give a donation on each second Sunday. To date we have given out over 220 full scholarships at approximately $250,000.00.

The committee grants scholarships to all qualified high school graduates who are active members of Macedonia and pursuing higher education. We do not offer assistance for graduate degrees.

  • Anne Sampson, President
The Annie L. Nixon Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1984 as the result of a bequest from the named late Deaconess.

The Fund provides scholarships for members of Macedonia Baptist Church who are high school graduates, undergraduates or graduate students. Eligibility is based on academic excellence and Christian service. Applicants must provide proof of enrollment in a post high school technical school or an accredited college.

Applications are made available annually in March and must be completed and returned in May in order to  qualify for consideration by the Scholarship Fund Committee. Award recipients are announced in June with the source of funds and the amount of the awards being determined by the interest derived from the principal of the original bequest. It is important to note that the recipients incur no financial indebtedness.
Download your Application below.

High School and First-Time Applicants