Rev. Dr. Darren M. Morton

Rev. Dr. Darren M. Morton


Dr. Darren M. Morton is the 7th Pastor and religious leader of the Macedonia Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, New York, where he received his conversion and baptism. His love of God brought him to the pulpit in 1994, under the tutelage, of the great Reverend Dr. Richard H. Dixon, Jr. and was ordained in 1997. In 2009, during a transition period for his home church, Macedonia, he accepted the request to serve as Interim Pastor where he also continues to serve with the Vacation Bible School and other church programs as needed. Previously he served as an Associate Minister and Youth Minister for 15 years, Assistant Sunday School Superintendent and Executive Director of the Macedonia Baptist Church Mentoring Program.

Dr. Morton has unique qualifications in business and spiritual development, providing him with the theory and credentialing necessary to manage the complex multimillion dollar faith-based organization, which comprises a large congregation, community center, daycare center, and two housing complexes.  By implementing concepts from Jim Collins’ “Good-to-Great for Social Sectors” Pastor Morton has advanced the church with a mission to enhance the faith and quality of life of individuals living in urban communities. His acumen in business and executive leadership, coupled with spiritual formation has been the foundation for transformation in areas of social action, higher education, public service, and non-profit administration has been demonstrated in classrooms, boardrooms, government buildings, and community centers.

Minister, Not-for-Profit and Public Service Executive Leader,
Educator, and Community

Bringing his business, fiscal management, strategic planning, and information systems background to the pastorate, Dr. Morton has transformed Macedonia, a church with a declining membership, fiscal distress and pending balloon mortgage payment in 2011, into a flourishing congregation, solid business operation, financially stable, and growing faith-based enterprise.  He revamped and modernized the fiscal operation, implemented a membership information system, developed a capital campaign, refinanced mortgage, improved physical plant infrastructure, and expanded community services.
The Macedonia enterprise includes the Macedonia Towers Housing Development Fund, Kings Court Housing Development Fund, and the Macedonia Community Empowerment Corporation, which he created as faith-based 501c3 organization focused on strengthening community through social action programs and initiatives.  Today, Macedonia provides senior housing, affordable housing, early childhood education and a variety of community services, addressing homelessness, food insecurity, and human services.  

Whether in the church, his community, educational setting, public sector or in a boardroom, he constantly works to strengthen families and enhance the lives of people of all races and nationalities. He is heavily involved in civic and social endeavors specifically affecting urban communities and the underprivileged of all ages.