AARP New Workshop Series: Brain Health, Social Security, and Fraud Prevention

AARP New Workshop Series: Brain Health, Social Security, and Fraud Prevention

We are thrilled to launch our latest round of AARP's FREE Educational Workshops: Six Pillars of Brain Health, Social Security: Understanding Your Benefits, and An Insider's Look at Fraud at your facility. Attached please find a ONE-PAGE APPROVED distributable flyer for each of the 3 workshops, complete with your venues' workshop information, as well as other nearby workshops offering the same content. PLEASE DO NOT ALTER THE FLYERS--they are approved for distribution AS-IS. If you find an error, please let me know.

For these workshops, we lean heavily on you and your venue's marketing efforts to publicize these events in your local communities to drive attendance, so please freely spread the word about these fun, educational, and FREE workshops through all your marketing channels, including library bulletin boards, newsletters, websites, social media accounts, community centers, retirement centers, civic organizations, and other community resources. These flyers and their approved text may be distributed to and through any of these channels.
On the day of the event, our staff will require approx. 60-90 minutes of setup time prior to the public start time of the class. It would be helpful if all rooms could be set up classroom style (forward-facing tables & chairs) for 25-30 attendees prior to our arrival to reduce setup time.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT REGISTRATIONS: If your facility requires registration for residency or other purposes, you may request / require attendees to do so on the day of the event or in advance--HOWEVER--EACH GUEST MUST ALSO REGISTER ON THE OFFICIAL AARP WEBSITE prior to the event in order to attend. Walk-ins and anyone NOT registered on the AARP site will be welcomed on a space-available basis only. The official AARP registration link is listed at the bottom of each flyer:
Thank you again for hosting our events! We are excited to offer this valuable workshop series to your communities! If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Warmest regards,
~Julia McPeters